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. Information about procs - info .

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The info command includes a set of subcommands that will provide all the info you could want about a proc. These subcommands will return the body of a proc, the arguments to the proc, and the value of any default arguments.

These subcommands can be used to:

  • Access the contents of a proc in a debugger.
  • Generate custom procs from a template.
  • Report default values while prompting for input.

Info commands that return information about a proc
info args procname
Returns a list of the names of the arguments to the procedure procname.
info body procname
Returns the body of the procedure procname.
info default procname arg varName
Returns 1 if the argument arg in procedure procName has a default, and sets varName to the default. Otherwise, returns 0.


. Example .

   proc demo {argument1 {default "DefaultValue"} } {
    puts "This is a demo proc. It is being called with $argument1 and $default"

   puts "The args for demo are: [info args demo]\n"
   puts "The body for demo is:  [info body demo]\n"

   set arglist [info args demo]

   foreach arg $arglist {
    if {[info default demo $arg defaultval]} {
     puts "$arg has a default value of $defaultval"
    } else {
     puts "$arg has no default"

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